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Excursion a iles Arcadins

TOUT VISITE INCLUSIVE !! Un voyage de 4 heures vers les eaux bleues et les belles plages des Arcadins, un parc national en Haïti, où vous pouvez faire de la plongée en apnée dans des beaux récifs. Comprend rhum punch, bières froides, boissons gazeuses, eau, sandwichs, chips plantain. Sans aucun doute, l'un des meilleurs endroits pour faire de la plongée en apnée en Haïti!

Faites l'expérience d'une excursion d'une demi-journée en formule tout compris dans les eaux bleues de l'azur en face de l'une des plus grandes îles des Arcadins. Découvrez un merveilleux merveilleux poisson peuplé de coraux. Le bateau jette l'ancre à côté de la rive où les gens peuvent se détendre, nager et faire du snorkeling.


Votre journée commencera le matin lorsque vous rencontrerez vos guides au Blue Wharf de la Marina et monterez à bord de votre bateau pour la visite.
Le bateau, un Parker 26, sera ancré à côté des îles Arcadins. Là, vous pourrez vous détendre, nager et faire du snorkeling. Votre guide vous emmènera pour une visite guidée de plongée avec tuba où vous pourrez voir des poissons étoiles, des dollars de sable, d'autres poissons de corail et une grande chance de voir les dauphins.


À bord, vous aurez accès au bar ouvert qui accueille du punch aux fruits naturels, du punch au rhum, de la bière, des boissons gazeuses et de l'eau. Vous pouvez également grignoter des sandwiches gratuits et des frites de plantain. Des ballons de volley, des dispositifs de flottaison et des serviettes seront également fournis pour votre confort. Profitez d'une spectaculaire excursion guidée de plongée en apnée d'une demi-journée dans les eaux cristallines des îles d'Arcadinds!


  • All your reservations are to be booked online via our website. 
  • If you can't book online, you can pay cash or by a credit card such as VISA, and MasterCard at our office, 24 hrs prior to the excursion. 
  • All reservations require a 100% advance confirmation payment. Seats may not be guaranteed for unconfirmed guest reservations
  • Guest will be required to present his own valid credit/debit card upon check-in along with a valid form of identification.
  • Please note that if the payment is done with a credit card belonging to another person who won’t be present the day of the excursion, we will need a written authorization send by the credit card holder with a copy of his credit card and a copy of his ID.  Marina Blue Haiti reserves all rights to refuse the access to any guests who are not able to show us the credit card he used for his prepaid reservation or if we did not received the authorization before his arrival. Please contact us at info@marinabluehaiti.com for a credit card authorisation form if you need one.
  • You must sign a waiver before departure where you agree on that boat excursions have inherent risks, which may result in serious injury. During Boat travel to and from excursion sites, you should follow all the safety instructions from the captain / crew members and take care while getting on or off the boat and while on board to avoid slipping, falling or drowning as well as conduct a responsible behavior. 
  • This statement in which you are informed of the risk of hazards whilst traveling to and participating in the boat excursions under the supervision of Marina Blue. This statement covers recreational boat excursions carried by Marina Blue. This statement also sets out the circumstances in which you participate in the boat excursion at your own risk.
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  • People are allowed to bring their own drinks but it is not necessary since drinks, such as Beers and Rhum Punch are already included in the activity. Maximum allowance is 2 bottles per group of people.   


  • Cancellations made between 2 and 4 days prior to an activity are subject to a 50% cancellation fee
  • Cancellations made 48 hours or less prior to an activity will not be refunded.
  • If inclement weather requires cancellation of the event, guests will be fully reimbursed or the activity can be scheduled. 
  • In case of a no-show, the activity will not be refunded.
  • Cancellation insurance is available when purchasing this activity.

Points forts


  • 4 hours stunning trip
  • Blue Waters and beautiful beaches
  • Great snorkeling
  • Ride along Cote des Arcadins
  • Includes drinks and snacks
  • Snorkeling equipment included
  • Entrance to the resort is included with this activity (Day pass)


  • The activity is subject to a minimum of 5 participants. In case that there is not a minimum to organise the activity, the booking will be cancelled with out charges.
  • If the tour is not available and you have a minimum of 5 passengers, please inquire for booking.
  • Child id required to benefit from special rates.
  • For groups of 10+, please contact info@marinabluehaiti.com to receive discount codes and booking details (this applies to a single booking only).


  1. Montrouis
  2. Arcandins Islands