Jet Ski Rental - Marina Blue Haiti

Jet Ski Rental

Rent a jet ski and enjoy the pleasure of cruising along the Côte des Arcadins, Haiti.


  • A driver license, ID or passport is required for the activity. 
  • All riders must sign a waiver before engaging into the activity. 
  • The renter of this PWC (Personal Water Craft or Jet Ski) endorses the responsibility of this motorized equipment, which is put at his/her disposal at Marina Blue SA. Any damage to this PWC shall be repaired at the below agreed terms, unless evidence proves that the damage is a result of regular equipment ear and tear. 
  • The renter (or anyone one that he/she may authorize to use this PWC), must provide a valid credit card issued to his/her name with at least $400 availability deposit of funds. In the absence of a credit card, a deposit in the amount of $300 cash must be provided. 
  • Riders must be at least 18 years old. Riders under 18 years old must be accompanied with a parent or guardian. Riders between 16-18 years old can ride on their own if they have a valid boating license. 


  • Good quality Jets Skis
  • First class service and equipment
  • Enjoy the fun
  • Have fun with your buddies


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