Shore dive Refresher - Marina Blue Haiti

Shore dive Refresher

Feeling a bit rusty? The Shore dive refresher is what you need to brush up on your knowledge and skills. ... If you havent been diving in year,  this what you need!

Marina Blue Haiti is located in front of a beautiful coral reef and ideal for diving during the day. Coral reef goes down to 100 feet/ 30 meters. Lobsters, Crabs, small fish, Stingreys, Eels, squid and much more can be spotted in our house reef.

-Check in, Sign up for liability release and Medical statement, Gear up

-Brief theory and equipment set up

-Guided shore dive with a Divemaster

-Make it double tank for just 40 US more


  • Perfect for refreshing your skills
  • Brief theory 
  • Equipment set up
  • 1 shore guided dive
  • You must be certified diver to join this activity


  1. Saint-Marc