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Scuba Diving Charter

From USD 750

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The Scuba Diving Charter gives you the pleasure and freedom to dive with your guests of choice and to manage diving time and free time at your leisure in a 7 hour charter boat. It includes a diving boat for a maximum capacity of 8 divers for 7 hours. The charter includes a captain, fuel, all the necessary tanks and weights, water, a cooler with 2 bags of ice and a bowl of fruits.


* Conditions:

  • One of the crew members must be a dive master with special knowledge in local venues and play the role of leader of the invited group.
  • Experienced crew: advanced divers with at least 20 recorded dives and freshly activated.
  • Diving equipment (if necessary) must be rented separately. Equipment rental divers will receive a 50% discount on the full rental package for this particular activity.
  • Divers are free to choose destinations and dive sites. The charter includes sites close to 12 miles (includes Anse Galets, Three Water, Arcadines, Wrecks, Anse a Pirogues). The extension of the trip can not exceed 25 miles in total. This charter excludes Zone 2 (Zombie Hole or other areas on the south side of La Gonave).
  • All drinks or foods not mentioned above are excluded. Guests are welcome to bring food, drinks and snacks.
  • Departure is scheduled for 8:30. Arrival at 8 o'clock. The clock starts counting at 8:30. The arrival time is at 15:30.
  • Non-divers are also welcome onboard and count as well as a diver. Snorkelling equipment is also included in the charter.
  • For guests registered in a room at the Moulin Sur Mer. We remind you that the check-out time of your room is 13:00. Please make the necessary arrangements before engaging in the activity. You can inquire at the reception of the hotel for the possibility of a free extended check-out as a client of Marina Blue (according to the availability of rooms).
  • The staff of Marina Blue reserves the right to decide on the admission of any participant.
  • Overtime costs $ 50 per hour.

* Booking conditions

  • 100% of the payment must be paid in advance.
  • Activity available on request. To book and schedule this activity, we advise you to contact Marina Blue 3 weeks in advance.
  • Marina Blue can not guarantee the availability of this activity at any time.
  • The reservation can not be modified in the process. Regular Scuba Double Tank Tour reservations can not be upgraded to Scuba Diving  Charter. Scuba Diving Charter can not be downgraded to a regular Scuba Double Tank Tour reservation either.

From USD 750

+2 Additional options

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  • Marina Blue Haiti reserves admission rights to all of its activities and may refuse access to guests whom they believe are unfit to participate for any reason.
  • Reservations made 4 days prior to an activity may benefit from a 10% discount Please inquire online or ask our excursion representatives.
  • Inclement weather conditions, as designated by the Marina Blue staff, may require cancellation of an excursion or that it is redirected to an alternate and safer site.


  • All reservations require a 100% advance confirmation payment. Seats may not be guaranteed for unconfirmed guest reservations
  • Cancellations made between 2 and 4 days prior to an activity are subject to a 50% cancellation fee
  • Cancellations made 48 hours or less prior to an activity will not be refunded.
  • If inclement weather requires cancellation of an excursion, where no alternate destination is deemed safe, guests will be fully reimbursed.


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