Safety & Travel - Marina Blue Haiti

Safety first

Our goal is to ensure the safety for all of our passengers during our excursions, charters, diving acivties and other water sports leisure activities. Our fleet is equipped with life preservers, and oxygen and first aid kit, and personnel trained in CPR and emergency first aid response, to deal with various medical issues that might arise while on boat excursion.  We also have a defibrillator and a helicopter pad at the hotel for emergency evacuation.

Marina Blue is a DAN industry partner and we highly recommend that all divers take out DAN dive insurance which covers emergency evacuation and medical costs related to any diving accident. Please sign up for an insurance policy with DAN at: (use referral code: 2487228).
Marina Blue's van is also available for emergency transport people to local hospitals or to the airport if necessary. (See Pick Up Service pageunder Marina Services for more info).

Lastly, Marina Blue and Moulin Sur Mer is a partner with Ayiti Anbulans Air Service which evacuates people by helicopter to regional emergency medical facilities. To sign up for membership for a quick and affordable service, click here.