La Gonave

La Gonâve is in the middle of Haiti’s bay with a vertical wall of more than 100 feet (30 meters). This dive site has something to offer for every diver with it’s beautiful coral, marine life, and massive sponges at all depths.

Anse a Pirogues

Anse a Pirogues

Anse a Pirogue is a dive site for beginner to intermediate divers with an average depth of 60 feet (18 meters). This site is characterized by it’s patch reef of coral, intricately shaped sponges, and marine life. 


Marina Blue wreck dives on the Tina-D, PT boat or Parking Lot are perfect for advanced divers. They are both at depths greater than 80 feet (24 meters) on a sandy bottom. Both wrecks have great recruitment of sponges and coral making these boats a great artificial reef for marine life and schools of fish.

Ilets Arcadins

Ilets des Arcadins is a shallow dive through mazes of coral structures off of the shores of the small island chain. This dive is great for open water divers and fun for everyone!


One of the main dive sites in the Haitian waters is Amani.  Amani is near St. Marc and it is here that divers will find the world famous Zombie Hole.  This is a hole that extends to a depth of 137 m (450 feet).  The most thrilling part of the dive into the depths of the Zombie Hole is the amazing Elephant Ear Sponge.  What makes this sponge so special?  It is known to be the largest sponge in the world.

Advanced Double SCUBA tank excursion

Discover the marvelous of Haiti underwater. Visit undiscovered sites and learn about Haiti's wonderful marine life in deep water such Wrecks or deep walls. A two Scuba Tank excursion that includes divemaster, equipment, tanks and refreshments. Dont miss out your chance to dive in Haiti Explore the underwater world on this 2 scuba tank guided boat dive along Cote des Arcadins and Gonave region, one of the most popular places for Scuba diving in Haiti. Includes full scuba equipment, divemasters and refreshments. Dive sites include locations such as La Gonave, Anse a Pirogues, Trou Forban, Ilets des Arcadins. At the time of departure from the Marina Blue's Wharf to one of the proposed diving destinations which will be decided according to conditions and the diving skills of the group. Possible deep dive sites include La Gonave, Anse a Pirogues, Trou Forban, Ilets des Arcadins or the wrecks: Tina D, PT boat or Parking Lot.  While departing to dive destination you guide will do pair selection and give you a description of the dive. Then you will start getting the equipment on before reaching the first dive site. At the first dive site you will have approximately 50 minutes. Then there will be a 45-minute surface interval with refreshments with a nice bath in the warm Caribbean crystal clear waters of Cote des Arcadins. From there you will travel 15 minutes to the second dive site where you will have 45 minutes to explore.  After the second dive is complete there will be 5 minutes of free time for refreshments and a bath. Then you will leave for Marina Blue's Wharf. Once you arrive, you will collect and rinse the equipment if you brought your own and then check-out with the staff. From there the day is yours or you can enjoy a lunch or drink at Moulin Sur Mer Beach Resort or Cafe Sur Mer along with other divers (additional costs). Entrance to the resort is included with this activity. *Itinerary might change according to water conditions and group experience